In this episode we talk about real estate in Scottsdale & Phoenix and how it differs from surrounding cities. The two statistics we dive into here are “Active Listings” and “Sales Per Month” which help pain the picture of supply VS demand.

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Scottsdale & Phoenix Real Estate Market Update

Hey everybody. Welcome to a another market update with We released an episode this week talking about some stats around the Greater Phoenix metro area market. So everything from Mesa To Phoenix to Peoria. Really all the listings in the Arizona Regional MLS. And in this episode, I wanted to talk about two stats specifically with regards to the City of Scottsdale and the City of Phoenix, which are actually different than what we saw in that greater Phoenix metro area market, right. And so I wanted to showcase these two because if you're looking to buy or sell real estate in Scottsdale or in the city of Phoenix versus, again, some of the greater other areas out there, these two stats are different and so they've changed right and so they look different, and so it's important for us to talk about them. In that previous episode, we talked about how active listings have gone up slightly. When you take into account the Greater Phoenix metro area, right?

Well, if you look at the city of Scottsdale and you look at the City of Phoenix, that's not the case. They've actually gone down a little bit since last month and since last quarter. So in Scottsdale we're seeing, as of about a week ago, we saw about 1200 active listings in Scottsdale, and that is slightly less than about 1300 this this time last month, and 1500 this time last quarter. So again, slight reducing inventory in the city of Scottsdale. Same thing with the City of Phoenix. We see about 1850 listings active listings in Phoenix, which is about the same or just slightly less than what we saw last month, and is down from last quarter. So last quarter in the city of Phoenix did about 2300 active listings.

The other stat we showcased in that greater Phoenix metro area episode we talked about safe per month, and how that number was down slightly. Again, if you look at the city of Scottsdale and the City of Phoenix specifically, that number is actually up again just slightly, but it's up. So sometimes we have to dive into specific cities to see what's going on with particular neighborhoods or zip codes or cities more to really get an understanding of what's happening. But again, these are just stats we like to showcase for you guys. So sales per month, when you look at all the listings in all the areas in the Greater Phoenix metro area is down significantly, or slightly, sorry, not significantly, but slightly. If you look at just Scottsdale, you're looking at Phoenix there up slightly, right. So sales per month in Scottsdale, that stat is showing about 560 as of last week, and that same time last month was about 530. So slightly up, right, same thing with Phoenix, about 1650 sales per month, as of last week. And that's just up slightly, about 10 or 15 more, than what we saw in August for Phoenix.

So, again, we like to showcase these numbers because it helps you understand supply and demand, not just for the whole greater Phoenix metro area, but some specific scenarios in some of these specific cities. So again, today we talked about city of Scottsdale, and the City of Phoenix. Guys, I hope this was helpful. As always, if you want to see the charts we're looking at, you can go to the show notes. If you're listening on the podcast, you can go to the show notes, click the link in that show notes. It'll take you to the blog post where not only do we have the podcast, we have the video and we have those images there for you to look at and click on and explore. Guys. As always, I hope this was helpful please like and subscribe and we will see you next time.

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