October 8th – Slightly More Inventory In Scottsdale

In this Scottsdale market update, we talk about inventory in Scottsdale. Things are starting to move in the right direction if you are a buyer. Listen in for more details. Blog Post: https://azdigest.com/blog/moving-to-scottsdale-well-there-is-slightly-more-inventory-than-last-month Follow Up In Instagram: http://instagram.com/azcorconsultants

September 23rd – Scottsdale Stat Spotlight

In this episode, we highlight and talk about a specific stat about the rate at which Scottsdale listings are selling. To watch the video and read the transcript, take a look at this episode’s blog post: https://azdigest.com/blog/thinking-about-listing-your-home-in-scottsdale-check-out-this-stat Search Homes For Sale In Scottsdale